How We Work

The FFF views itself as a research and development foundation, providing seed funding and strategic support to NGOs in order to refine and improve their programme models. Once intended outcomes can be reliably achieved effectively and efficiently, the FFF will bring in a scale funder to expand the model up to a level where it can create systemic change. 

During this process, the FFF and the partner NGO focus on learning and experimenting, to build the team’s culture and capacity to deliver, as well as to continually evaluate and ask “are we the right fit for you”? Having the right funder for you is crucial to achieving shared goals and the FFF’s approach is not for everyone.

Partner Dev Timeline.png

A grant from the FFF should not replace other funding sources nor be seen as an opportunity for fundraising to stop. As shown in the diagram above, existing funds from other sources are a key part of the model development process. The FFF will coordinate with other funders to ensure goals are achieved.

The FFF does not operate as a passive donor, signing funds to receive long term reporting. Instead we actively engage with our partners, using our funds but also utilising our network, our technical expertise and our extensive regional experince to ensure programmes are optimally designed.

After three to five years of FFF partnership, the programme will have a final evaluation and if it achieves the exceptional standards required, a scale funder will be brought in to expand the scheme to a systemic level.