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Our Founder: Simon Franks

Simon founded the Franks Family Foundation in 2006, after transferring his focus from business projects to philanthropic pursuits. Born in Hertfordshire in 1971, he grew up in Colindale, then Edgware. He went to school in Camden Town and graduated from Manchester University, where he studied business.


Source of Funds

The FFF’s funds have come solely from the profits that the Foundation’s Chairman, Simon Franks, made from his entrepreneurial business pursuits. The FFF is the entity through which he focuses all his philanthropic work. We receive no public money and are therefore a genuinely independent charity.


UK Charities

Although the majority of our programs are focused on SE Asia, we support a number of UK charities and initiatives, either directly, or through Redbus media. These include:


We admire the dynamism, hard work and bravery of the Greenpeace team, and believe they deserve a special mention. We were shocked by the capture and arrest of crew members of the ‘Artic Sunrise’ in September 2013 by the Russian navy, and the wilful damaging of the Greenpeace boats. In order to show solidarity with Greenpeace, the FFF funded the full repair of the Greenpeace boat ‘Ocean Witness’ so that it could be quickly back in action protecting our oceans and wildlife. We have also financed a nationwide advertising campaign garnering support for Greenpeace and their Save the Oceans campaign.