Operating Theater Opens

The opening of the Operating Theater on July 26th was one of the largest events of the year! One of our anesthetists, Kulee recently came back from a 7-month anesthetic training program at Angkor Hospital for Children in time for the opening of the operating theater. Our newly trained staff will work with expert anesthetists from all over the world to develop their skills. One of the experts is Mr. Bunrun from AHC who will train our nurses here at LFHC. We are excited to see a collaboration between AHC and LFHC!

In addition to sending our staff for training, we have also been holding presentations on medical operations during our morning lectures. Volunteer doctors and nurses provide lectures on various medical topics such as common symptoms, infectious diseases, neonatal care, post-operation care and more. Friends Without A Border Japan also hosted a new crowdfunding campaign called “Creating a clean and safe Operation Theater!” to raise money to purchase a HEPA filter. We successfully raised enough money to purchase and install the filter.

Chloe Laskar