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The Franks Family Foundation (FFF) works to make the world more educated, healthy and meritocratic. We strive to deliver systemic improvements, through targeted programs, and by advocacy, to foster social and economic change in the developing world. In particular, we aim to equip young people to become changemakers – leaders who can establish permanent systemic improvements locally and nationally.




The FFF has a non-convectional way of operating. We aim to be both entrepreneurial and innovative in our approach to philanthropy and problem-solving. We are ambitious and believe we can help address complex social problems by targeted initiatives, and partnering and mentoring the best-in-class NGOs, and joining up and coordinating their activities.

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Operating mainly in South East Asia, we fund initiatives that aim to educate, nurture and inspire young people so that they can become changemakers. As local or national leaders, they will then be capable of finding effective development solutions and mobilising others into action. All our programmes involve building capacity in the countries where we operate, using local staff as much as possible and training these staff in the skills they need.

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