The FFF supports a number of education programmes in South East Asia. Examples of our work include:

New Generations Schools Programme

In Cambodia, we and our partner Kampuchean Action for Primary Education (KAPE) have built, developed and scaled the New Generation Schools (NGS) programme. This is the leading educational project in Cambodia and is now uniquely supported financially by the Cambodian government. The basic premise of NGS schools is to work with the government, within the existing education system, to develop academically excellent schools that are available to children from any socio-economic background.

In most schools in Cambodia, children learn by rote and teachers are often undertrained, inept and sometimes corrupt. However, by paying additional salaries to teachers, banning teacher moonlighting, improving governance structures, building libraries and IT rooms, upgrading the school environment and changing the children and indeed parent culture, New Generation Schools not only enable vast improvements in students’ education, and attitudes towards school, but also serve as a pioneering model of how collaborative work between government and NGOs can result in fundamental change.

For both KAPE and us, this is not a numbers game but a quality one. This is about getting children with real potential into good schools. The results speak for themselves, and KAPE’s teachers are both dedicated and innovative and its students engaged.

The FFF is also currently working with the Lao Ministry of Education & Sports to develop a pilot of the New Generation Schools programme for Laos This pilot aims to replicate the enormous achievements of NGS in Cambodia, transforming educational outcomes through improved teaching, school governance and key subjects for the 21st century.