Addressing the Causes of Political Under-Development

We not only advocate for higher levels of international aid spending, but also for governments to synchronise their foreign and trade policies with their aid agendas. Lifting nations out of poverty will take much more than aid.

Systemic Approaches

We believe aid and development funding should be spent on programmes which have a lasting impact or systemic vision. Too often, development work is focused on short or medium term goals or processes rather than supporting broader social and political change.

Greater Collaboration

We work to ensure there is enhanced collaboration between development practitioners. We observe that many international development organisations work in silos. They often operate within their own sphere of specialisation – education, health, gender, and so on – and are not incentivised to collaborate either within their specialism or with organisations working in other fields.

This leads to wasteful replication, a lack of coordination and, ultimately, disappointing outcomes. This is why we believe in joining the dots.